The Gnomes Gallery

Man wearing red t-shirt with reclining gnome. See detail, “chillin’ with my gnomies,” inset. Photograph sumitted by Maura Parrott.

Alyssa Ochs, currently living in Chicago, posing with reclining scultpure and Sheldon, her travel gnome [see inset detail]. Alyssa adds: “I run the site and am a contributing writer for the International Gnome Club Newsletter. Yes, both of those really do exist.” Photograph submitted by Alyssa.

“My son Sabastian, 4yrs old posing with Gnomes # 1” Photograph by Noelle Garcia.

“My son Sabastian, 4yrs old posing with Gnomes # 2” Photograph by Noelle Garcia.

“Getting the Ball Rolling: Gnome with Arts Commissioner.” Photograph by Ginger Bruner.