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Tuesday, May 31, 2022 & Beyond

The Green Shack
Photograph by Ginger Bruner
May 2022
“Life in the Time of Covid-19”

[Editor’s Note – Through much of June, The Daily Frame is temporarily changing its name to The Daily-ish Frame. Travel off-site and off-the-grid, and a desire to whip the 2021 and 2022 archives necessitate a change in our publishing schedule. We expect to publish new Frames’ once a week or so. Our thanks to our contributors and supporters for your understanding.]

Our Las Vegas lead photographer Ginger Bruner comments:

The Green Shack was a mainstay of my childhood view, as it was just a few blocks from my neighborhood. It was a great place to visit for an extremely old school feel, and a mecca for lovers of fried chicken, eaten in a charmingly decorated old Quonset hut. Many clubs on the “Boulder Strip” utilized the easily had war surplus buildings. Most, including the Green Shack, are gone now.

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More: In addition to providing a daily view capturing the people, pets, interiors, urban landscapes, and entertainment, social and news events of Las Vegas and the Valley, we also see The Daily Frame as a postcard to the future for scholars and visitors in the years ahead. With the launch of “Life in the Time of Covid-19” series we document these uncertain times as people, businesses, institutions and government navigate uncharted waters.

We welcome your photographic views and thoughts and encourage you as always to contribute to this project.

In these strangest of days of that include the devastating Covid-19 pandemic – linked collapse of the local economy and the tragic murder of George Floyd and many others, we wish all health and well-being to those sheltered at home. And we extend our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to  the Valley’s doctors, nurses and medical staff, and to all essential workers.

Take care. Be safe. Be present. Get vaccinated. And don’t forget to wear a mask and social distance. We can all help save lives.

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