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July 29, 2016


“102 Days to the Election”
Photograph by Jon Winet
July 28, 2016
Wells Fargo Center

Las Vegas members of the Nevada Delegation were among the thousands celebrating the nomination of Hillary Rodham Clinton last night on the final day of the 2016 Democratic Party National Political Convention in Philadelphia. Most will be making their way back to the Silver State today, undoubtedly tired from an around the clock schedule that included early delegation breakfast meetings and late night proceedings in the Convention Hall.

Editor’s Note:  Our thanks again to Bob Coffin and Mary Hausch for their collaboration on our Daily Frames featuring the sights of the Convention, now included in the Daily Frame Archive.

And of course, we encourage everyone to vote this fall on November 8!

“Our Las Vegas” director Jon Winet could use a long nap.

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