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January 22, 2019


“El-evators at the El Cortez”
Photograph by Ginger Bruner
January 2019

[Text below excerpted from Wikipedia.]

The earliest known reference to an elevator is in the works of the Roman architect Vitruvius, who reported that Archimedes (c. 287 BC – c. 212 BC) built his first elevator probably in 236 BC.[1] Some sources from later historical periods mention elevators as cabs on a hemp rope powered by hand or by animals.

In 1000, the Book of Secrets by al-Muradi in Islamic Spain described the use of an elevator-like lifting device, in order to raise a large battering ram to destroy a fortress.[2] In the 17th century the prototypes of elevators were located in the palace buildings of England and France. Louis XV of France had a so-called ‘flying chair’ built for one of his mistresses at the Chateau de Versailles in 1743.[3]

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“Our Las Vegas” Associate Producer and Lead Photographer Ginger Bruner likes a good elevator.

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