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May 27, 2017


“Now on View at the Barrick”
Photograph by Ginger Bruner
May 26, 2017

Tested Ground”
Andreana Donahue, Alexa Hoyer, Joan Linder, Jenny Odell, Nicolas Shake

“The UNLV Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art presents Tested Ground, a major artistic exploration of the ways in which our civilization uses the land around us for work, recreation, and waste disposal. Paying special attention to the region surrounding Las Vegas, five American and international artists use a variety of media to probe a relationship we sometimes take for granted. From the firing range imagery of photographer Alexa Hoyer, to the anthropological trash project of Jenny Odell – from Joan Linder’s meticulous radioactive waste site drawings, to Nicolas Shake’s and Andreana Donahue’s investigations of desert debris and urban artifacts – Tested Ground represents a thought-provoking cross-examination of the American landscape.”

now through September 16, 2017

Text from Museum website.

“Our Las Vegas Lead Photographer Ginger Bruner is art opening-ready. Stay tuned for word on her exhibition later this summer at the Winchester Cultural Center Gallery.

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