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January 17, 2020


“Lucky Koi”
Photograph by Sallie Douglas
January 2020

[First in series from the The Bellagio Conservatory
Chinese New Year display on view through March 7.]

“Carp were considered a symbol of strength. Koi are constantly swimming upstream and against the current because of this their image is used to represent strength, independence, perseverance, ambition and good luck.

“The fish is symbolically employed as the emblem of wealth or abundance, on account of the similarity in the pronunciation of the words fish, and superfluity, and also because fish are extremely plentiful in Chinese waters. Owing to its reproductive powers it is a symbol of regeneration, and, as it is happy in its own element or sphere, so it has come to be the emblem of harmony and connubial bliss. As fish are reputed to swim in pairs, so a pair of fish is emblematic of the joys of union, especially of a sexual nature; it is also one of the charms to avert evil, and is included among the auspicious signs on the Footprints of Buddha. “The fish signifies freedom from all restraint. As in the water a fish moves easily in any direction, so in the Buddha-state the fully-emancipated knows no restraints or obstruction.”

“The carp, with its scaly armour, which is regarded as a symbol of martial attributes, is admired because it struggles against the current, and it has therefore become the emblem of perseverance.

“Reference: “Chinese Symbolism and Art Motifs“ by: C.A.S. Williams”

Text from Koi Pond Guide story “Fish Meaning by the Chinese“.

Daily Frame Contributor Sallie Douglas is an artist, social activist and native of Las Vegas. She has been an aesthetician at Spa Bellagio since its opening. She is also a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner.

She is the current Vice President of the Las Vegas Artists Guild. She is a passionate supporter of artists.

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