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May 16, 2021
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“The Frequent Flyers Play Mt. Charleston”
Photograph by Marcie Ley
May 15, 2021
“Life in the Time of Covid-19”

The Frequent Flyers are “Bluegrass and more, featuring Vera Van Wilson – banjo/vocals, Kay Sanderson – fiddle, Roger Ogden – guitar/mandolin/vocals, Brian Weiss – guitar, and Ginger Bruner – bass.

[l-r] Kay, Vera, Ginger, Brian and Roger]

First time contributor, opera singer Marcie Ley has received critical acclaim for her performances across the United States and Europe, her soprano hailed as a “warm and supple sound, with ample size and superb technique, all put to exquisite phrasing.”

She recently appeared as Sieglinde in the Vegas City Opera production of “Das Rheingold: The Ring Vegas.”

Bio excepted from Opera Las Vegas website.

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In these strangest of days of that include the devastating Covid-19 pandemic – linked collapse of the local economy and the tragic murder of George Floyd and many others, we wish all health and well-being to those sheltered at home. And we extend our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to  the Valley’s doctors, nurses and medical staff, and to all essential workers.

Take care. Be safe. Be present. And don’t forget to wear a mask and social distance. We can all help save lives.

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