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April 24, 2017


“March for Science”
Photograph by Lisa Stamanis
April 22, 2017
From the “Around the 18b” Series

“David Walker, who teaches science at Sunrise Mountain High School, was marching for facts.

‘It’s really important to get out and just show everybody that science is very important to all of us,’ Walker said. ‘The kind of things that are going on right now politically seem to be heading the country in the wrong direction. … This is really just a show of support for the idea that facts do matter and science is a big part of the success of our country, and we shouldn’t just ignore it.’

Text excerpted from Las Vegas Review Journal story by Ricardo Torres-Cortez, “Science advocates rally, show support across Las Vegas on Earth Day”

Lisa Stamanis served as Cultural Programming Urban Arts | Special Projects staff for the City of Las Vegas Office of Cultural Affairs for over twenty-five years.

Her vital role in the development of arts and culture can be felt and seen across the Radiant City.

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