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Click on the image to view a four minute excerpt of “Switch,” twenty videos by Liat Berdugo.

Our Las Vegas inaugurated “On The Beat,” with Liat Berdugo’s Switch, which was on display at Multiplexer Space from June 11 through July 6, 2012. Multiplexer, now closed, was located at Emergency Arts in Downtown Las Vegas.

Multiplexer Director David Sanchez-Burr writes:

“Situated firmly within the landscape of the home-lab, Switch shows electrical devices being controlled by tangible, mutable, and messy interfaces in place of slick, ergonomically designed plastic devices to spotlight of the absurd human obsession with appending our bodies and our senses with high-tech gadgetry. But Switch is magic in its truest sense of the word: it is an illusion. Switch exists where the gap of visual suggestion is filled by a viewer’s projection of possibility. Switch therefore refers both to the literal act of electrical switches and to the more subtle switch within our perceptions about authenticity and falsity, revealing our own willingness to believe in technology.

Multiplexer is a new art space in Las Vegas’ downtown. Its exhibits focus on the potential of video as a medium, and away from the over explored, web-based sensationalism, corporate media and Hollywood film industry. The space exhibits work that crosses the threshold from visual language to relevant and poignant explorations in a wide variety of subjects and motifs.

The interest in video goes beyond video artwork. Multiplexer will also focus on the detritus and artifacts of video technology and its relationships to changes and shifts in history, from analog to digital, broadcasts, video art and home videos. From the anthropological and scientific, to the exploratory and experimental; all genres and categories of video work will be considered for exhibition.

Multiplexer is located two blocks from the 12 million LED screen Viva Vision, both a technological inspiration and an unsettling reminder of the power media wields.”

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