Is Life Beautiful?


NOW LIVE – October 24-26, 2014: Is Life Beautiful? – A Ginger Bruner | Lissa Townsend Rodgers | Jon Winet documentary multimedia fiction project

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“Is Life Beautiful?” Experimental Multimedia Fiction in the Radiant City

“Is Life Beautiful?” is an experiment in multi-media storytelling that combines literature, photography, film and technology to answer that question. The project will use the Vast space inside the renovated Western Hotel as a display space and home base, but will unfold over the three days of the festival throughout the festival grounds, the downtown neighborhood and the city of Las Vegas. The story focuses on two festival attendees who find, lose and find each other, but also introduces other characters and other landscapes. There are artistic crises, dashed hopes, missed chances, mixed-up orders , a broken-down car and a phone with a dead battery. But there’s also romance, inspiration, collaboration, neon wedding chapels, Michelangelo sunsets and some truly incredible music.

Told through an evolving sequence of tweets, photos, film clips and cyberspace ephemera, the story can be seen on a monitor at the Vast space, but also by audiences near and far via mobile devices and computers at Twitter @olvlib and “Is Life Beautiful?” is directed by Jon Winet and captured by Ginger Bruner with a story by Lissa Townsend Rodgers; it stars Alexandria Lee and Matt Sorvillo and features Grant Tyler.

“Is Life Beautiful? ” is co-produced by VAST Projects with generous support from Patrick Duffy.

For press inquires contact:
Jon Winet – 510.967-6977 | DeAira Williams – 702.807-3291
Project online sites:

Festival website

flip side of project club card above. Click on images for higher resolution files

rev. 10.21.14 | 5:25 a.m. PDT

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