May 1, 2012 About Page

nb: original about page archived on June 30, 2013 at the end of the the 2013 Fiscal Year.

Commissioned by the City of Las Vegas of Arts Commission, “Our Las Vegas” is a cultural animation public art project that celebrates the fierce and passionate connection that local and out of town artists, fiction writers, photographers, musicians, journalists, dancers, designers and other creatives make with “The Radiant City.”

Conceived initially as an online public art work, “Our Las Vegas” launches with a mobile web app with projects we invite you to explore. “Our Las Vegas” will take multiple forms in future phases, with community participation highlighted and encouraged.

In November 2012 we opened an exhibition | photography | video-audio post-production studio [and office] space downtown at Emergency Arts, 520 Fremont Street. [map]

Inquiries and comments welcome:

Jon Winet, Director
Ginger Bruner, Lead Photographer | Associate Producer

Special Thanks: Nancy Deaner | Patricia Harris | Lisa Stamanis | Patricia Walsh | The Las Vegas Arts Commission; Tobias Butler, Developer for The Daily Frame; Katie McGowan, Writer for the soon-to-be published image-text project “At Night;” and the artists of Las Vegas who are a constant source of inspiration for the project.

“Las Vegas Snow Globes” Photograph by Ginger Bruner.

Press Archive

launch: May 1, 2012

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